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Life happens, Bankruptcy isn’t a scary word. This is a 30-90 process. We will prepare your Bankruptcy forms for you to submit to the Bankruptcy Courts. For more question please contact us. 

  • Prepare Chapter 7 & 13 paperwork 
  • Credit Rebuild Education 
  • Court Fees Chapter 7 338.00 (Paid Directly to the Courts)
  • Court Fee Chapter 13 313.00 (Paid Directly to the Courts)

Bankruptcy Services

  • I hope this message reaches you in good spirits.

    As we discussed, here is your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Documents  

    Please look OVER ALL PAPERWORK and check for any error. Please sign and date where needed

    Your Bankruptcy Court FEE is 338.00 you can pay the courts in 4 payment of (84.50) if you don't have the 336.00 in full. 

    If you plan on making installments please sign and fill out Form 103A-With Money order attached 

    Please have your Bankruptcy online course CertificateIf you haven't taken your Bankruptcy course yet. Please click the link below.

    FYI They will not process your Bankruptcy if you do not complete the first course (link above)

    Due to Covid-19 you can ONLY mail or Drop of your printed signed documents to the address below. You will not be able to speak to anyone face to face 

    Blow is the address to the Maryland Bankruptcy Court House. 

    Address: 101 W Lombard St #8308,

    Baltimore, MD 21201

    Phone: (410) 962-2688

    Hours: 8:45AM–4PM 


    If you should have any questions, please feel free to give me a call. 

    Thank you for your Patience and your business! 



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